Welcome to a place where there’s always time for make believe. Where whimsical can be wise and learning can be fun. Where stories have the power to inspire children to explore, create and connect to the wonders of the world around them. A world where everyone lives Barefoot...

About Me

Hi, my name is Sarah, I’m a wife, a mom, an artist, a book peddler and so much more. I went to school for graphic design but somehow ended up working full time as an Administrative Assistant at a copy shop. In my spare time I "dabble" in design and freelance some projects. I joined Barefoot Books in May 2010 and have loved every minute of it. My dream is to someday quit my j-o-b so that I can focus on Barefoot more as well as spend more time with my daughter. just got married in May 2011. My husband's name is Paul, he is the ying to my yang and all of the other cliches.

I've worn many hats in my life but my favorite by far, is the Mommy hat. My daughter is Allison. She is one year old, enjoys shape sorters, her red wagon, eating and of course, reading. She is a genius baby (if I do say so myself) but she's also stubborn (like her Mama). Her favorite words are "no", "don't" and "stop that". But another favorite word is "book" which is what she says when she wants me to read to her. Ultimately, I have started this Barefoot journey because of that little girl.

This blog was created as a way for me to share new information about Barefoot Books as well as fun crafts for kids and interesting stories about education and how children learn. I hope that you will enjoy the information that I share here. Be sure to join me on Facebook as well. We do lots of fun things over there and I know you don't want to miss out!